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In which I sum up

This has been a very strange week.

There was hardly any mail all week, which includes a surprisingly small Monday, so we spent a lot of the week partying (we had two anniversaries this week - our Company gives a free breakfast or lunch to the unit of anyone celebrating one of the major ones - five, ten, fifteen, etc.) and talking.

I appear to have lost a couple more pounds, depending on which scale I stand on - at the gym, it dropped me to 161 pounds on Thursday, although the one at home is somewhat less encouraging. Still, Monday is my informal "official" weigh-in on the scale in the medical office at work (fully clothed), so that's what I'll go by.

Every so often when I'm entering stuff on a website like this one, or bulletin board, etc., every time I use a single quote (say, for the contraction above "I am"), it kicks me to a "find" search in a frame around the window. My arrow keys also don't (just did it again) when it's (and again) in this mode. I don't know what causes it, and I do not know how to correct it. It is extremely annoying, so I had best stop using contractions until I figure it out. But the bad word processor in me NEEDS my arrow keys.

Right now I'm making tszatsziki (I can't remember if that's how it's spelled... hey, it turned off. I opened another window and closed it, and now contractions work. I wish I knew what caused that), I baked a little torte, and I'm planning on frying cheese (ala ad_kay). We'll have some of the fruit we bought today, some crackers, a nice little spread.

Last night we went to Border's and I spent $30 buying FOUR (4) magazines. When did magazines get to be more expensive than books? I decided against a couple of books 'cause I didn't want to spend the money, instead going for some good issues of indie music mags (two issues of "Mojo," an issue of "Dirty Linen," the first I'd seen of that mag but with a cover story on Dwight, and the current "Rolling Stone" because I need to save the cover story). I couldn't pass up cover stories on Johnny Cash, Elvis, and Dwight. At least they're good spreads, so far, with good interviews and pictures (and the Elvis one came with an exclusive tribute CD with Elvis covers by diverse folks such as Jeff Beck, Rockin' Rebels, Johnny Cash, and the Dead Kennedys).

I haven't managed to clip much more from the manuscript, instead I'm working on Book Two, which is developing some nice twists.
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