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In which I SCREAM

Today at work due to EXTREMELY low mail, we had a little time to goof off read the paper, and I was surfing around on AZ Central (the Arizona Republic site) and read the blog of one of my favorite local columnists, E.J. Montini. This was one of the choice responses to his blog:

We are crying about these immigrants, and rightly so. The problem started several years ago with the legalization of abortion. We have killed off over 470 million honest to goodness valid and legal United States citizens. These would have been Parents, consumers, workers, voters, but most of all viable US citizens that would be paying taxes that would have made our current debt problem obsolete. Now the capitalists and just good ole boy common sense people are saying that at least the Mexican population that has come in and filled the void we created by killing off our future citizenry should be allowed to stay. I think we should let the honest working people stay and kick out the Hollywood type of Liberal that hasn't got enough sense to put forward a candidate that isn't a sex crazed idiot that turns our enemies loose to come back and take out our twin towers, or one that has proven himself to be a traitor by his own testimony in front of contress. The only thing that can save our country is a good old fashioned revival with the manority of our country starting to honestly worship and serve Almighty God. That is the Truth, whether you liberal idiots want to admit it or not. You don't have to believe in the Creator of the Universe today, but I personally promise you that you WILL SEE HIM ONE DAY, GOOD OR BAD, YOUR CHOICE. Worship God. Quit killing babies. Quit calling evil good and good evil. (tough nuts homosexuals, you need to know you are sick) and this country can again be great. Otherwise, we will be destroyed because our THIS NATIONS GOD will abandon us to our own evil devices. FACT IS STRANGER THAN FICTION FOLKS. READ IT AND WEEP. (OR BETTER YET, REPENT)


I figured, though, that this was the answer sillymagpie was looking for yesterday when she wanted to know who exactly still approved of Bush (that 32%)... it's fruitcases like this, I would imagine.
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