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Lazy Sunday

Mostly today I sat around and marveled at the weeds growing on my brain. They wave gently in the wind that whistles between my ears. I accomplished nothing of value whatsoever and here it is, past 7 in the evening.

Where has my ability to write gone to? I know that the story I want to tell is in my head, it dribbles around during the days when I'm at work or when I'm driving or when I'm trying to go to sleep, but never ever when I'm actually in possession of a chance to write it down. I open WordPerfect and I fumble around with words, and invariably I wander off to the web to read, browse, surf, or shop... i.e., waste time:

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Samhain (November Eve) - Beginning at dusk on October 31st, when most cellebrate Hallowe'en, Samhain was the start of the Celtic new year. Whole villages re-lit their fires from one group flame, a bonfire, and left windows, doors and gates open for the dead to visit. Grinning carved turnips - Jack O'Lanterns, were placed at the door to keep the more unfriendly spirits at bay. Samhain (pronounced "SOW-in," "SOW-ane," or "SOW-een") is a night of remembrance of those who have passed, who often join us at our table for a meal. This is the most magical night of the year.

Why does it then bother me that the makers of the Quizilla quizzes can't spell "celebrate"? I've seen one of those quizzes where they didn't use the correct form of "your" (instead using "you're" for possessive, ARGH).

I retain the ability to write, I know this -- at least, all the proper tools. I know my grammar, I'm still passing good at spelling (or can at least still use a dictionary), I even know the meanings of some reasonably sizeable words, like refrigerator. I even have the whole story/plot in my head. Now what's missing that I used to have?

We did spend some amount of the day pulling up the top layer of the yucky linoleum in the kitchen, in preparation for a new floor of any kind. Beneath the self-adhesive tiles we installed many years ago is another layer of single-sheet linoleum which was likely professionally installed in the 70's. It's that color of Harvest Gold, and was probably top-quality, high-grade stuff in its day. At this point, it actually looks better than the old tiles, which were getting violently discolored (in retrospect, white was a mistake) and abused. Not looking forward to pulling up that linoleum, but it must be done. It would be easier if the temperature would drop below 90 (which actually wouldn't have been too bad if it hadn't been accompanied by 68-74% humidity). October, whee! But can't use nasty solvents to dissolve floor adhesive without being able to have the doors open for ventilation, so it's a slow, slow process.

Wither winter?
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