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In which I ask for help!

Does anyone on my friends list speak Spanish well enough to translate the following phrase:

Shit! Don't screw around with me, you fucking little jerk!

I don't trust translation sites when it comes to profanity. I'm getting weird stuff when I try to translate it back to see if it's right. I have my little "REAL Spanish" book, but since this is a specific situation, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. Oh, and in this case it is a very familiar (family) "you" - he's yelling at someone he knows and actually loves, but who needs a smack upside the head at the moment.

Both short stories may be worth sending in. I need to see if I can get my printer to work properly for printing them out, or if I have to be VERY bad and email them to myself at work and print them there. They're only 20 or so pages each (5000 word limit), so it would be doable, but it's VERY frowned upon should I be caught. But my printer is printing kinda streaky.

I should have done a lot of this stuff a lot sooner. They've changed some of the formatting rules and submission guidelines, but I noticed they've added Monthly Contests, too - the month of May is "Write a two-page synopsis of your book." Of course I'll do Book Two here, if I get it together to enter that one.

I will! I will! I promise! (To those who would command me enter! :-D )
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