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In which I am happy

I think I really like the new new Doctor. I mean, Eccleston is a REALLY tough act to follow, but David Tennant has the all-over right attitude (which comes, I imagine, from having been a fan himself - another genre franchise where it has become possible for a fan to grow up loving something to later become a part of it, like Kirstie Alley did with Star Trek). He's fun. He also...

As I say, it's not exact. But it's close enough that I kept making the mental comparisons. The smile is way off.

As I type this, the "autosave" feature keeps making the window jump in and out. It's weird.

I managed the gym yesterday and while I'm a little sore today from starting to exercise again after I think about four weeks, I'm not in pain and exhausted. Whoo hoo. Today something easy, just a little cardio and stretching, I think. I don't like getting up and GOING to the gym, but I sure like how I feel after the exercise.

I HAVE to work on three things:

1) The Johnny Cash bio (and cap bios of those he was influenced by/those he influenced - 10 each) mostly due on the 28th, with an extended deadline into May -

2) Short story, which, if I want to enter it in the SSW Contest must be finished and mailed before May 1 -

3) Second short story, see above (only possible; not as good as first story).

Deadlines come up fast. The first one will give me a (small) paycheck; the other two cost a little, but, you know, if I win again... well, cool.
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