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In which I spread disease

I have contracted...
Asian Wombat Flu...A rare disease transmitted to humans by petting a wombat.

Find out what you've contracted!

I contracted it from janetmiles.

We just got back from a lovely Easter lunch at Red Lobster, which is surprisingly uncrowded on an Easter Sunday (wondering if perhaps most people don't think of fish on Easter). I highly recommend the lobster-stuffed tilapia in creamy lagastine sauce. Yum!

Cairo has taken it into his head to lick me awake whenever he wants to be petted in the middle of the night. This is mostly endearing, except of course in the middle of the night I WANT TO SLEEP. He's such a spoiled brat.

Finally watched My Neighbor Totoro last night, since I picked it up at CostCo yesterday. Very sweet movie. I liked it.

I am down to 180,892 words, 624 pages. Now the REALLY hard work starts!
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