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In which I babble

Third row for Dwight!

Okay, I realize third row is pretty good. It's great, in fact, especially at the Celebrity Theatre. I'm just spoiled and USED to having front row at the Celebrity. I was good and did not take this morning off to buy tickets the moment the box office opened, and boy, am I kicking myself. Still... third row. (The show isn't even until September 17!) I didn't get the information about ticket sales early enough. Sometimes I really miss the old Yoakam Holler (best site for Dwight news that ever existed).

My office is still not clean nor organized, but at least many stacks have been removed. I did NOT want to go to work today, but I managed to live through it. I came home to find the boots I got from eBay waiting for me -- they all fit and they're gorgeous and I am in a delirium of gorgeous cowgirl boots. This is one pair. I love 'em. The seller has a lot of really cute shoes. When did I turn into a shoe-buying freak woman? This never used to happen...

I really need to get back to the gym. I tried this morning, but still tired and a little achy. I'm starting to get tired of having a headache all the time. Even if I just do cardio and leave off the weights, I NEED to get in motion again. I re-gained a couple pounds last week, although in addition to not going to the gym I also splurged a little with the fast food. It's also possible the extra weight was lost fast because of being sick, so it was inevitable it would come back so quickly, but still.

I have to get to work on a fairly massive Johnny Cash bio/retrospective for About - it's paid work, but I'm a little cranky with the webmistress, who wants a section with "those influenced by Johnny Cash," about ten names and capsule bios. No problem, there, except whenever I mention really GOOD artists who list Johnny as an influence, she gets all avoidy and says she wants "only big names." Well, sorry, but there aren't that many "big names" who actually demonstrate they've even HEARD of Johnny Cash... and I would like to take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on less well-known names who really DO demonstrate that influence, such as Jesse Dayton and, duh, the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash.
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