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In which I need more time

Three days is insufficient for the cleaning of our house. Either that or I need to get better organized and stop trying to do all four rooms at the same time.

On Wednesday night, without warning, the drafting table I made for rahirah collapsed, pulling all its screws out of the wall. Fortunately, it missed everything fragile that was under or near it (because it's a very heavy table), and it pulled clean out of the wall so all we have to do is fill the holes. Rather than fixing it, we're going to take it down and get a new cabinet for the art and craft supplies which have been stored on and around the table (to the point where you really can't reach anything much), and whenever we need a drafting table, we can pull the old wooden archetect's table Mom gave us out of the shed.

Yesterday I dusted the living room, filled a box with clothes from my closet, weeded out my books that have been stored in there, packed away all my winter clothes into a Space Saver bag, and moved around a few things; there's still a lot of clutter, though, and I don't know where to put a few things I don't want to get rid of. I was trying to be ruthless, and when I found a pile of 'zines from my Duelmasters days, I was just going to chuck 'em in the recycling bin before I noticed they were full of stories (now, mind you, I didn't even remember we DID a 'zine!), and I read a few pages. Damn, these were some GOOD stories! Worth keeping. Sure, I've folded the important characters into other worlds when I left Duelmasters - Raf, of course, is either Raif the Space Pirate aboard the Iktome in the Tai Pan universe or Raifford Kincaid, CEO of the Dulaney Shipping Corporation operating out of Boston in my magickal alternate Earth; Amok is still a vampire but also a television chef in that same universe and a friend of Sean Patrick's; and a few others have come along, changing names and/or general appearance, but they're still around. Nonetheless, I found my old DM stories were... good. I liked them. I couldn't just chuck 'em out.

I splurged calorie-wise yesterday and went to Taco Bell. I was all over in the mood for Taco Bell tacos after watching Lost on Wednesday night. Good ol' Hurley. I did read one commentary on this ep - which was a pretty good one, I thought - was how it seemed that last season Hurley was pretty okay with himself and his weight and now his weight seems to be a serious problem defining a lot of his actions. I'd have to re-watch season one, because I don't remember we got that deep into Hurley's head last year. He SEEMED to be okay with himself, but there were times... Anyway, I've been enjoying this season mucho.

Anyway, back to Taco Bell - they've added a dessert item which could be dangerous to calorie-counting. Caramel apple empanadas. YUM! Nothing like deep fried pie. I have to make sure if I have one, I ONLY have ONE!

I have The Ride almost finished, but I'm stumbling in the middle with "things happening" versus "characters talking." I also have a review due today, but I want to get at least this office finished if I can. I think I need some more boxes. We hauled a few of 'em over to Goodwill yesterday.

I really do need more space for CDs. I found some places to file the ones that I need new cases for, but I have some fifty-odd that need to be filed alphabetically in the five or six areas where I keep CDs now. I wish I had someplace that would hold ALL of them in one spot - A - M is over HERE, the rest of M - S is over THERE, S - Z and Soundtracks/Cast Recordings are WAY over THERE... In here, these ones that need filing, are CDs I've reviewed over the last year, and that's not counting the special stack I make of The Best of the Year so I can do my Top Ten at the end of the year. (It's only April and there are already eight in that stack; and there will be nine when I finish today's review.)
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