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In which I am sore

First day of cleaning down. Nothing looks different, but honest, I took three buckets of recycling out (after mucho shredding) and made at least one trip to the garbage bin. There are four boxes of books ready for the VNSA if I ever remember to call them and now there's only one row of books on the top shelf of the little book case in my office here (mostly I rid myself of fat historical romances that I just know I won't read again - I kept the ones I might).

Despite the exhaustion leading to less than half the normal workout Tuesday, I ACHE like an aching thing. Every move is agony. You'd think I just starting a weight lifting routine after years of inactivity, not a couple weeks.

I wish that every smart mouth idiot who gripes about "gay cowboy movies" that "glorify that lifestyle" would actually WATCH Brokeback Mountain, which, in my mind, was less about gay cowboys and more about how bigotry, intolerance, and hatred destroys lives. If the same story were done about a man and woman who happened to be white and black, would there be such griping? Because, set in the same time period, that story could easily have the exact same sad ending. Everyone sees West Side Story as a great tragedy, and dang it, Brokeback Mountain is another of the same sort of Romeo and Juliet tale. Gripe, gripe, gripe.

In my cleaning out of things I found the paperwork for our outdoor freezer and discovered, cool, it's still under warranty. Boo, we bought it at Montgomery Wards and they're out of business. So much for the extended warranty. {heavy sigh} Oh, well.

I had my taxes done today. Awesome. He's getting me a really nice refund from the state, although not so much from the Feds since there was a debt settlement last year. BUT what I am getting back will roll into what I owe them, PLUS, he's a financial advisor and what I paid to have the taxes done actually acquire his services for the entire year, so he's going to help me roll my IRA into a ROTH account (better returns) and help me with other financial stuff, so maybe in a few years I won't be living paycheck to paycheck.

Why doesn't my cat like to let me sleep at night?

God, I have a lot of CDs.
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