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In which I crow a little

This morning I met with my weight-loss buddy at work and we did our official weigh-in. I dropped 18 pounds total (which actually, since I've been checking every two weeks, a gain of two pounds, which I attribute to the celebratory weekend and retaining water), and he... gained two. So far, I'm winning.

I find I'm much more competitive than I tend to think I am. Nothing like having someone to race with to make me try harder.

sillymagpie gave me this idea, to track it at Ticker Factory, which is kinda fun:

I went looking for a good Johnny Cash title to crib for a short story and found myself instead buying a disc for a couple of songs I don't already have. Still don't have a title for short story. I'm planning on entering a couple in the same contest I entered last year. That same competitive spirit gives me the whole "I will win!" attitude, although I know it's an astronomical chance, especially considering I'm not as good at writing short stories.

I still need a title. At least a working one. Chicken in Black isn't an option.


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Apr. 4th, 2006 06:51 pm (UTC)
Bwhahaha! But "Chicken in Black" is such a great title! ;-P
Rather than use a song title, why not pull your title from one of his lyrics?

Great work on losing weight! You're really close to your goal. Kudos!
Apr. 5th, 2006 01:00 am (UTC)
I went to David Allen Coe with "The Ride," since it's about a guy who picks up a wounded hitchhiker between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, only to find his passenger is a vampire (since "The Ride" is about a guy who gets picked up only to realize his driver is a ghost)...

But if I listen hard to some Cash lyrics, I might find the exact right thing.

I got a boost with the sickness - for days I just wasn't interested in much in the way of food. No cravings at all. Now they're coming back, including my Greatest Banes: Fried foods and chocolate-covered nuts.
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