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In which I wonder who to make a sacrifice to

As I drove home today, I, no kidding, hit every single green light which I normally sit at a red (long ones, mind you). I was certain I owed a major sacrifice to some deity. I had to work late and STILL got home at pretty much the normal time. I finally remembered to call and set an appointment to do my taxes. Hallelujah.

I am still tired and draggy, so I did not go to the gym today. My alarm went off at 11:45 last night instead of at 7:15 this morning. I don't understand electronics, sometimes. I want the snot to go away. I decided to have a glass of wine with my leftover soup. I made cream of chicken last night - simple: 3-quart pan half-full of water, two chicken breasts (with bone); cook until chicken done, pull breasts out, throw in handful of long grain wild rice. While that's cooking, tear meat off breasts and throw back in. Slowly whisk in about a half-pint of heavy cream. Add a little brown rice. Salt and pepper, about a tablespoon of garlic powder and onion powder, then some pearl onions, corn, and peas. Cook until rice is done. Yummy. It went very well with rosemary Italian crackers I found at Trader Joe's yesterday. Despite heavy cream and cake, I weighed in at 170 this morning at my "formal" weigh-in, which means another seven pounds successfully removed. Yeehah.

I have had a headache most of the day.

Today we had a unit meeting/birthday luncheon, which spanned about three hours. Fortunately, there wasn't a lot of work; however, because of the backlog from the morning, we ended up staying until 5:30 to get the last of the scanning done (there are only two scanners).

I have three (or is it four?) reviews to do this week, but I may end up doing them all tomorrow if my brain revives. It's almost time for Lost. Fortunately, they're all really pretty good. Anyone remember John Corbett from Northern Exposure? He's a really good singer, too. He's going to be releasing his first solo CD next week. Dig in and enjoy.
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