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I'm glad I watched it a second time. My discontent at the first watch must have been unrelated to the show, because my enjoyment was unabashed on second viewing. I felt for Spike. I got irritated at both my vampire fellows as they battled it out to out-annoy each other. Loved Angel's exasperation. Loved Spike's almost fearful bravado. Adored Fred's hesitancy, how fear turned into determination. And best of all, I liked the REACTION the Fang Gang had at the revelation of Spike's soul quest. Yes, it's a big deal, about time someone made a big deal of it.

My only worry is the size of the cast being unwieldy. It seems Lorne has very little to do, and he needs something desperately. Wes was in a good place, but likewise needs something more (I liked him doing the research-dude stuff on the amulet).

And the "fake out" of Spike's plan for Hainsley? Listen close -- what Spike said was he couldn't stand being useless, not being, well, more undead. Angel gave him something useful to do, and that's what Spike wants and needs. And who could be so hard-hearted as to not feel for him as he begs Fred, "Help me"?

Now if we can only let go of the whole Buffy thing, my boys could get on with their respective unlives.
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