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Friday Morning

Apparently, the purpose which caffeine served me was to animate me, as without it all I want to do is sleep. All the time. At the drop of a hat. Zzzzz, off to la la land. I'm sleeping almost two hours more a night and I'm still ready to just drop right off.

Oddly, I'm not that tired, just, I guess, sleepy.

I wanted to wax eloquent about how much I'm enjoying "Angel" so far this year, but I seem to be off words this week. I was torn between "wow that was great" and "what's the deal with Spike's voice?" and that, accompanied by an unexplanable malaise in the middle of the week, left me feeling oddly depressed about the show for the bulk of Wednesday night and into Thursday, but, after reading some more recaps and reviews, I've realized that I did really enjoy it and can't wait for next week, and I'll actually review it to my own satisfaction after watching it again. Initial comment on the "gotcha" concerning "Spike's betrayal": If you listen closely, Spike's "I want it to end" refers to being USELESS, not being alive/whatever he is. So Angel helps him feel useful again. Sneaky. :)

I found out that, by demographic evidence, I'm a skinny person because I like "Friends." Apparently, according to this study, obese people watch things like "Law and Order" and "CSI," two shows I've actually never seen. But only thin people watch "Friends." Hmmm. (Said in the same voice as the guy who was raised by wolves in the "Quiznos" commercial.)

This week has been another horrifically busy week at work, doubled by meetings wherein they want to know how to make us more productive for less money. My suggestion? Stop with the stupid meetings which take us away from our work. :P If only the economy would improve and we could go back to being "the employee's employer" instead of just a bunch of suits trying to make life miserable for the robots who work under them... speaking of which, if you ever have an insurance claim, be kind to the grunts who will actually handle your mail (as opposed to the high-paid reps who handle your claim), and put your claim number on everything you send/fax in. There's more, but hey, I'm a grunt. I must do grunt work. Damn, I should have gotten my degree.


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Oct. 10th, 2003 01:37 pm (UTC)
The Angel episode was all right, but--and I hate to say this, because rabid Spike fans will hate me--I think they used Spike a little too much at the beginning. We get it, already: Spike is annoying. Also, in the absence of Eve, they gave Spike and Harmony narrative mouth, which is something I sincerely hope they drop by the next episode. Get with the program. Watch the back episodes.

I liked the plot twist. The necromancer makes two humans Angel has killed since taking over Wolfram & Hart. Hmmm... Do I see a trend?

The plot twist was nicely done, and I liked it when Spike overheard Angel saying that he wanted to "sleep on it." It shows that beneath all the horrible jibes and insults, there is at least some measure of respect or reluctant affection between them.

I like "Friends," and I'm anything but thin. Once again I fail to match my demographic. Somehow I can't bring myself to care.
Oct. 10th, 2003 05:00 pm (UTC)
I can see what you mean, but I'm not sure I agree completely. The WB is pushing them hard to drag in NEW viewers, and not all new viewers have seen all the old shows. They want it simple and accessible to newbies, so I can forgive a lot of that.

But I am looking forward to them settling in; on E! News, there were a couple of clips of them hanging around backstage, and they all look like they get along wonderfully. I think that working with people you like that much will help what appears on the screen as more episodes come. Right now, both James Marsters and Spike are the 'newcomer,' and need to adjust to a whole new gang of people.

BTW, those news clips are fun. Boreanez is a total goof. I bet he's a ball to work with. :)
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