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In which there are more memes

I saw this one in both nutmeg3's journal and in sillymagpie's. I wonder if being left-wing is really so unusual or if it's just phrased differently by different people.

I'm going to bravely go off to work this morning. I do feel much better, although with that lightheaded, muzzy feeling of having been sick for a while. But sometime in the night it broke, and suddenly three days of sleeping was enough and I was wide awake, coughing (because the cough always comes after the worst is over) and listening to the cats. I put on a pair of pants that used to be skin tight and now seem pretty baggy and a shirt that was tight and now fits well. At least having a cold where "feed me!" was the main theme does not seem to have hampered my efforts to continue to lose weight! I haven't stepped on the scale since Monday, though, or the big scale at the gym since last Wednesday. A whole week without a workout. Of course, I was too weak to lift much, so the muscles obviously could use the rest. I'll have to be gentle with myself when I get back on Monday. Yes, I'll rest it out the weekend. Don't want to push too hard, too fast!

Apparently, spring has sprung. I seem to get sick in the early spring rather than in the winter. Don't know why. I don't wwant to run through my whole archives to figure it out, but it seems to me it was in May or April of last year was the last time something like this sidelined me for about three days... it was when I first got addicted to Passions, dang it, now I'm a year in and not only watching the regular show, but also the repeats of it "from the start" they're showing on SciFi! Dang it! I never in my life got into a soap before, and it's terrible, terrible. I still blame Spike.

Ever notice how when you say "when things get back to normal" they never really do?

I have to whip out a review this evening. It shouldn't be too hard.
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