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In which I am sick

This morning I got up to go to the gym like a good little girl. My throat was scratchy. I wandered the house a little aimlessly and talked myself into going back to bed.

Apparently while we are no longer the Cat Super Highway to the window, Cairo just likes to walk on me. I know he loves me, but GOD. I finally got back to sleep and I had a dream where I don't remember how it started, but I remember I was working on an adaptation of Disney's The Little Mermaid from Eric's POV (ala Gregory Maquire). Mom was with me somewhere and she took off in my car (which was actually Barb's Taurus, but in the dream it was mine), and she told me we were trading. Her car was a perfectly good one, although I put a dent in the roof trying to move it away from the rock cliff where it was parked and I was sitting. But I finally got it moved and I figured out how to start it (the ignition was on the left rather than the right of the steering column), then started to drive.

As I was driving, it occurred to me I was going to be late for work, since it was nearly 8:45 (my start time). I thought I should just call in sick, but then for some reason I thought to myself, "Hey, I'm dreaming." (That never happens in my dreams.) So I tried to figure out the dream landscape and figured out I was driving through Taos and/or Santa Fe because of the pueblo-shaped brown buildings, but then I drove past the Tovrea Castle (a familiar feature to Phoenix drivers), only it was much larger - it still looked like the Castle from the end, but as I came around it had many towers and windows and balconies and such. So I tell myself again I'm dreaming, and wake myself up. It is in fact nearly 8:45 and I guess I should call in sick because I still didn't feel very good, and then Barb really woke me up, telling me it was quarter to seven.

So I still felt crappy but I dragged myself out of bed and went to work and made it on time and everything. Now my throat still hurts and I have a surface cough, the annoying kind that hasn't settled anywhere and I'm not really bad sick, but I have that "I don't want to eat but I'm hungry" vying with "I'm starving, everything sounds good." All that's wrong is a little sore throat which feels better with a cough drop, but once drop is gone, annoying ache is back. Phoo. So it's all the "should I call in sick tomorrow, or not?" thing.

I want soup.

The real tragedy is I can actually almost see the Eric story, but I can't imagine what kind of hoops one would have to leap through to license a Disney character for original fiction (it wouldn't work going by the original fairytale, of course, since it didn't end quite the same way...).

I don't remember who I snagged this icon from. If you know the author, let me know so I can credit accordingly. It works because Cairo has three times unbuckled his new collar since I bought it Saturday.
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