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In which I am wearing green

Whenever I think about journal entries on my WAY to work, invariably I have forgotten them completely by the time I get home. I was outraged by something on the news yesterday morning, but apparently not outraged enough. I really wish I had the time and energy to be more proactive about, well, anything.

I can't help but notice, however, that it's no wonder the American people as a whole are deeply in debt, when the country itself doesn't seem to mind the same problem. "Oh, the debt's too high? Well, just increase the credit limit, that'll take care of it." If that's the mindset of our nation's leaders, it's no wonder.

I was down four more pounds this week. Now I have to get through St. Pat's day without blowing it. Have a happy one! With it being on a Friday, watch yourself coming home, of course, or just hole up and have a wee nip at home. We're having a beef sausage with cabbage, potatoes, and carrots. I baked green Scotchies and green peanut butter bars for work. I know at least one of my co-workers is bringing guacamole, so I really will have to watch the calorie intake. I also covered macadamia nut & caramel treats with chocolate, but this morning the chocolate has bloomed, and I'm not sure why, since I was very careful with the tempering. Well, should taste all right (although Barb doesn't like caramel).

Oops, best get off to work.
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