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Did anyone else know yesterday was Pi Day? I got this from ThinkGeek this morning:


Happy Belated Pi Day! You did celebrate Pi day yesterday (3/14), didn't
you? If not, we hope you at least thought about circles or at the very
least had a piece of pie.

I'll have to remember that. Of course, I've always maintained that I'm not a math geek, I'm a geek of another variety. We just have similar views on things.

Yes, I'm all better, thanks. Aren't artists supposed to be moody?

I don't have a current Short Stories Writers Market. I need to find someplace that buys erotic fantasy/horror shorts. And a better title than "Matt's Most Embarrassing Moment."

I slept very sporadically last night. I remember a lot of strange dreams, including one where they were building a new highway somewhere that was very familiar to me in the dream but I have no clue where it is really, so the old exit/entrance was abandoned and falling down, with boarded-up places where I just knew Barb and I used to go. Obviously even in sleep I fear change. Or I pine for the past. Something. Cairo came and lay down with me but I was waking up anyway, since Silhouette was pushing Barb over onto my side of the bed and despite it being cold (or at least chilly) I was roasting hot. I kept throwing off the covers and then getting cold.

I need to find some screencaps of last night's Boston Legal. The writers obviously feel very much as I do, since Alan Shore's wonderful closing arguments echoed pretty much everything I've been thinking for some time... Of course, I bow to their genius in making such a horrible character so lovable and attractive in the first place. James Spader was one of those actors I heard everyone ooing and aahing over and I couldn't figure it out until I saw him in action. Ah, charisma.

I should sign up for our digital cable's DVR option. Some friends at work recommend it (or Tivo). The cable DVR is cheaper in the short run. OF course, I still wouldn't know how to download digitized shows to the computer. I still haven't figured out how to do so with old VHS tapes. Some geek I am.

There are auditors in our office this week, sneaking around to make sure we follow all the rules (keep things locked up, don't let strangers in the building, be on our best behavior, blah blah blah, Corporate Life). It makes for a very tense work situation, especially considering we had almost no work to do yesterday. I hope there's some mail today.

Today is my Mom's birthday. I can't forget to call her tonight.

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