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In which I muse

I am almost down to 200,000 words (207,156, to be exact). SIGH. I think I'll set it aside and do some other writing, working on Part Two and maybe a short story, if it hangs together. I was glancing through the "Best Erotica" collections at the book store and thinking, "I can do better." I can. I just need to get off my ass and try and get published.

It is raining. It has been raining since, apparently, shortly after midnight last night. It has been 143 days since the last measurable rain in Phoenix. It's nice outside. Me likee lots. The bucket I have in the back yard is completely full - I'm glad I closed the lid on the old broken freezer.

We were going to go to the zoo today, but obviously our plans were scotched (and I can't help but wonder about the Chandler Ostrich Festival and the Scottsdale Arts Festival, also this weekend), so we went out to lunch at the Ethiopian restaurant in Tempe, which was mucho yummy, then toured above-mentioned bookstore. I got a couple of new and completely unneeded cookbooks, but there are contained within some interesting-looking recipes, so I'm pleased.

I finished my reviews, and it turned out I had four due yesterday rather than two, and four appears to be my upper limit on reviews due in a week. Fortunately, three of them were excellent, and didn't require a lot of thought to review them.

I was grumpy a good part of the week. I occasionally feel lonely even when I'm trying to get a little alone time - it's weirdness of my brain, and I never have been good at that level of introspection. I checked my Johari window and find that people think I'm self-assertive, which surprised me, since I don't see that in myself. Blind spot, indeed. Of course, part of the grumpiness is due to the first paragraph. Sigh, again.

Once again I was sure I had more to say, but now that I'm here, it's all gone. Insert rants about the general state of politics, the Catholic church, and the asshats in South Dakota here.

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