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  • Sun, 15:42: RT @BBAnimals: otter moms let baby otters float on their stomachs to keep them dry and now I can't stop crying https://t.co/W6bmgNVMD4
  • Sun, 15:51: The worst thing about antenna TV is having the antenna set for the channel being watched & finding it wasn't for the channel being recorded.
  • Sun, 15:52: How does one install a TV antenna on the roof? Like they all were back when I was a wee youngster?
  • Sun, 16:06: @heroesicons_tv is still running 3 hours behind schedule. It's time for #allstartrek & 'The Rebel' just started...
  • Sun, 17:24: "I need 2 boxes of Sudafed." "You can only buy 1 & you need ID." "I want these 7 semi-automatics & all this ammo." "Okay."
  • Sun, 17:26: RT @TeaPainUSA: When Dems get caught up in despicable sex scandals, Dems make 'em step down. When Republicans do it, they make 'em their n…
  • Sun, 17:29: RT @hwinkler4real: Mother Pence should tell her boy that his disgust is better directed at the Nazis in Charlottesville RATHER than footbal…
  • Sun, 17:29: RT @molly_knight: You're cool with @POTUS disrespecting women, gold star parents, the disabled, Puerto Rico, the CIA, the FBI, POWs, and th…
  • Sun, 17:33: RT @artenzim: INEED EVERYONE TO SEE THIS https://t.co/gYO0V4YQW5
  • Sun, 17:34: RT @JoyAnnReid: Oh, and Donald Trump wants to be worshipped like a golden calf... https://t.co/d9eXq2rXcE

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